Evelien Keizer's A Functional Discourse Grammar for English PDF

By Evelien Keizer

ISBN-10: 0199571864

ISBN-13: 9780199571864

This is often the 1st textbook on practical Discourse Grammar, a lately constructed concept of language constitution which analyses utterances at 4 self reliant degrees of grammatical illustration: pragmatic, semantic, morphosyntactic and phonological. The ebook deals a truly systematic and hugely obtainable advent to the speculation: following the top-down association of the version, it takes the reader step by step notwithstanding some of the degrees of research (from pragmatics all the way down to phonology), whereas while supplying an in depth account of the interplay among those various degrees. the numerous routines, classified in line with measure of hassle, make sure that scholars are challenged to take advantage of the idea in an inventive demeanour, and invite them to check and evaluation the speculation via utilising it to the recent info in a variety of linguistic contexts.

Evelien Keizer makes use of examples from numerous resources to illustrate how the idea of sensible Discourse Grammar can be utilized to examine and clarify crucial sensible and formal positive aspects of present-day English. The e-book additionally includes examples from a large choice of alternative typologically various languages, making it appealing not just to scholars of English linguistics yet to an individual drawn to linguistic concept extra in general.

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The basic unit of analysis is, therefore, not the clause or the sentence, but the Discourse Act, as expressing this communicative intention. In doing so, FDG ‘takes the functional approach to language to its logical extreme in that “pragmatics governs semantics, pragmatics and semantics govern morphosyntax, and pragmatics, semantics and morphosyntax govern phonology”’ (Hengeveld and Mackenzie 2008: 13; see also 37–8). 4). 4. WHY DISCOURSE? g. Connolly 2004, 2007, 2014; Rijkhoff 2008; Cornish 2009; Alturo et al.

3. The Representational Level The Representational Level deals with the semantic aspects of a linguistic unit. The term ‘semantics’ is used in a very specific way in FDG, in that it is restricted to the ways in which language relates to (represents) the real or imagined world it describes. This means that at the Representational Level we find all the information about real or imagined entities that is required for a successful communication and that does not depend on the identity of or relation between the speech participants, that is, all the information needed to describe (or ‘designate’) those entities (or sets of entities) that play a role in the message that the Speaker wishes to convey.

G. tense, number, or comparative). g. rising or falling intonation) in the Output Component. Like the higher levels of representation, the Phonological Level is hierarchically organized: at the top we find the Utterance (U), which consists of one or more Intonational Phrases (IP), which in turn consist of one or more Phonological Phrases (PP). Each Phonological Phrase consists (typically) of one or more Phonological Words (PW), which can be further analysed in Feet (F) and Syllables (S). The most important layers of the Phonological Level can be represented as follows (cf.

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