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By Mark Harvey

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This grammar offers an total description of Gaagudju, a now approximately extinct language of northern Australia. Gaagudju differs from so much formerly defined Australian languages in a few methods. It indicates marked transformations within the realizations of under pressure and unstressed syllables. It has complicated platforms of prefixation in addition to suffixation. there's a transparent contrast among effective and unproductive morphology, with a large number of the morphology being unproductive. whereas note order is usually unfastened, strictly ordered phrasal compounding buildings are very important.

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Maardiyu [maacU$u] ~ [maa

It seems likely that there was considerable dialectal and idiolectal variation in the exact realisation patterns shown by stops. 4). The following (sub-)minimal pairs show that the manner and place articulations set out in Table 2-1 are contrastive. 3 barlaa-bu ' sing-Aux: IMP' djaara 'beard' ngalaambirr 'cough' baarra 'truly' garlaa-ba 'Put in-Aux: IMP' gaararr 'pine tree' Retroflexion Retroflexion is contrastive morpheme-medially and morpheme-finally for stops, nasals, and laterals in Gaagudju.

The name appears in a variant form Ngonbudj with an initial nasal. Peggy Balmana gave the language ownership of a landowner from this area as Bardaaya [becLaaia]. The relationship between the names Gonbudj ~ Ngonbudj and Bardaaya is not known. Limilngan This language was spoken around the lower Mary and Wildman River areas. The language name also appears in a shortened version Limil. The language is alternatively and more commonly known as Minitjja. This alternative appears under a variety of spellings, such as Manidja and Menassie.

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