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Latgalian is a local language of Latvia in principal Europe, on a regular basis utilized by an anticipated variety of 150,000 audio system. Genetically it belongs to the japanese Baltic department of Indo-European. whereas its shut dating to Latvian is obvious in uncomplicated vocabulary and inflectional morphemes, there also are major adjustments within the phonology, morphology and syntax of the 2 languages, as a result of divergent improvement in the course of the seventeenth - nineteenth c., whilst Latgalia was once politically and culturally separated from different Latvian territories. additionally, touch with Slavic languages (Polish, Belarusian, Russian) has performed a massive function within the heritage of Latgalian.

Typologically salient good points of Latgalian comprise morphophonological concord with an competition of again vs. entrance vowels and gentle (palatalized or alveolar) vs. not easy consonants, a wide stock of non-finite verb varieties, genitive vs. accusative marking of direct gadgets, dative marking of basic middle arguments in numerous structures, using non-finite predicates in represented speech, and the life of a different logophoric pronoun pertaining to the speaker of a stated discourse.

Nicole Nau is professor of Baltic languages and linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz collage in Pozna?, Poland. She is usually the writer of LWM 217: Latvian.

ISBN 9783862880553. Languages of the World/Materials 482. 120pp. 2011

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5). Also with infinitives used instead of the supine after verbs of movement genitive marking is found as an alternative to accusative marking 20 , for example: (145) Voi na-zynat QU NEG-know:PRS:2PL (150) Jei she viestur-is? ' (OS) brigade. 'After finishing studies at the polytechnic I went after BEING orderED to work at the Sovhoz of Rezekne, but they didn't accept me [genitive] there when they heard that I would be called into the army. ' (Sus, OS) Genitive of indefinite quantity: Mass nouns as direct objects often appear with .

F lob-s biznes-a projekt-s. good-M buisness-N project-N Puor-skaitiej-u ยท itaid-u komentar-u, pa-sa-breinuoj-u. PFX-read:PST-1 SG such-A coment-A PFX-RFX-wonder:PST-1 SG 'Latgalian orthography is (said to be) a good business project. ' (IS) What reported discourse and reported evidentiality have in common is the introduction of another "voice" into the text. In example (63) this voice can be heard quite literally - reading this sentence aloud, the second clause would be marked by intonation as reported (represented) discourse.

In simple sentences it appears most often with verbs expressing modality (neccessity, possibility, desiderative): variitu 'could', vajiidziitu 'should', grybiitu 'would like to' etc. 'You are not from nowhere. You are from Latgalia. 2 Subjunctive (56) Diej kuo The subjunctive is formed from the third stem in its hard variant with the suffix -tu: caltu 'would raise ', makliitu 'would search', runuotu 'would talk' , dareitu 'would do', byutu 'would be'. 5). For nonprefixed reflexive verbs the suffix is -His: caltus ' would rise', turetus 'would hold on', vuiceitus 'would learn'; prefixed reflexive verbs: pz-sa-caltu 'would get up' etc.

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