A tonal grammar of Kwanyama by Riikka Halme PDF

By Riikka Halme

ISBN-10: 3896450840

ISBN-13: 9783896450845

Kwanyama ('Oshikwanyama' based on the reliable Namibian commonplace) is a Wambo language, and correspondingly belongs to the Bantu languages. it truly is spoken by way of way over part one million humans in South Angola and Namibia.
Certainly this quantity comprises the audio system of different closely-related Wambo types in Angola. those languages were studied fairly little, and the learn in their tonal platforms has been rather overlooked. the current booklet is the 1st comic strip of Kwanyama grammar with a scientific account on tone. the most goal is to supply an research of the tonal procedure of this language. hence the learn discusses either the lexical tone, i.e. tone as an inherent estate of a lexeme, and the grammatical tone wich marks grammatical houses. the writer lived in a Kwanyama-speaking neighborhood in Angola for approximately part a yr and had the chance there to enhance her linguistic competence. As a researcher she retains to the culture of Generative Phonology within the feel that there are principles that take the tone styles from the underlying illustration to a binary floor illustration, i.e. tonemes. so one can aid the reader to stick with the argumentation of the tonal research, this booklet is organised in this type of manner that the segmental and tonal degrees are mentioned individually, via discussions on tone in nouns, verbs and minor notice different types. After that, the learn is said to the broader context of study on Guthrie's team R languages, specially the Wambo languages. ultimately, the reader reveals nominal and verbal paradigms in addition to a few texts, and a vocabulary Kwanyama-Englisch containing approximately 6,000 entries.

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