Administering Civil Society: Towards a Theory of State Power by Mark Neocleous PDF

By Mark Neocleous

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To maintain social order the country needs to administer civil society, with a threefold function - the fashioning of the industry, the structure of felony subjectivity and the subsumption of fight. In Administering Civil Society Mark Neocleous deals a rethinking of the state-civil society contrast throughout the concept of political management. this can be completed via an unique studying of Hegel's Philosophy of correct and an insightful critique of Foucault's account of strength and management. the result is a hugely provocative idea of country energy.

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Nor, pace some Marxists, should the concept be struck from the Marxist vocabulary. 60 It is impossible to comprehend the state without conceptualizing it in relation to civil sociery, but this cannot be done if civil society is reduced to 'economic base'. Thus while a critique of political economy may be necessary for a materialist theory of the state it is not sufficient. 61 The state-civil society model remains throughout Marx's work and needs to be maintained alongside base-superstructure. Indeed, it is through retention of the state-civil society couplet that one can avoid the over-simplified and turgid understanding of base-superstructure too common within Marxism.

Gramsci regards Hegel's conception of association as 'vague and primitive'; being 'halfway between the political and the economic' Hegel's corporative organization 40 Administering Civil Socie0' constitutes 'a politics grafted on to the economy'. 51 It would therefore appear that Hegel's civil society that Gramsci has in mind is not its economic moment - the system of needs - but the range of institutions which regulate them, precisely the institutions that provide the basis for administration.

As these two conceptions are developed, however, and the concept 'hegemony' expanded beyond the question of leadership, he loses the focus on imperialism. This allows for a more sustained attempt at conceptualizing some of the historical changes, through his two conceptions of the state and via an expansion of hegemony. Despite the historical distinction just noted, in his earlier work Gramsci is concerned that the Italian state is atypical in the sense that it did not evolve into a constitutional democratic state but had to be created by industrial capitalism.

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