Advances in quantum chemistry. / Volume 4 by Per-Olov Lowdin PDF

By Per-Olov Lowdin

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111. Spectral Theory of Bounded Self-Adjoint Operators A. Initial Formulation of the Spectral Problem The discussion of bounded operators is considerably simpler than that of the unbounded ones because the former can be readily extended so that they are defined over the entire Hilbert space. We assume therefore in this part that every operator is linear and defined over the entire space. A bounded linear operator is said to be sev-adjoint when it coincides with its adjoint. Such operators are frequently called Hermitean-symmetric, or briefly Hermitean operators and are usually denoted by the letter H .

C) An important differential operator in Q2 is defined formally by the equation Df = i -df. 39) This formal definition leads to a number of different operators depending on the nature of the interval of Q 2 and on the specifications for the domain of the operator. , equal to the integral of its derivativef '(x), moreover the functionf'(x) must also belong to 2 2 . We shall examine the operator D separately for the case of a finite interval typified by Q2[0, 11, the infinite interval 2,[- co, + co], and the semiinfinite interval Q2[0,a ] .

In the text it was said that the set of sequences {x,} for which X lkx,12 is convergent is a linear manifold. Verify this statement. Is this manifold closed? + E. 34) where f o E M and fl E MI. Moreover, we found that this decomposition is unique. 35) defines the projection operator P associated with M. The domain of P is 5, its range is M. 34) by complex constants and arriving at af+ Pg = (afo + Pgo) + (4+ PSI), (TI. 36) where the first expression in parenthesis belongs to M, the second to MI.

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Advances in quantum chemistry. / Volume 4 by Per-Olov Lowdin

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