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The sequence is a platform for contributions of all types to this quickly constructing box. common difficulties are studied from the viewpoint of person languages, language households, language teams, or language samples. Conclusions are the results of a deepened research of empirical information. exact emphasis is given to little-known languages, whose research may perhaps shed new gentle on long-standing difficulties normally linguistics.

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The modern self-discipline of biolinguistics is starting to have the texture of clinical inquiry. Biolinguistics--especially the paintings of Noam Chomsky--suggests that the layout of language will be "perfect": language is an optimum strategy to stipulations of sound and that means. what's the scope of this inquiry?

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The following quotation from Croft) will almost certainly not meet the degree of precision a formal theory of grammar requires definitions of categories to have (cf. also Lehmann 1984: 9): "The interplay between our pretheoretic notion of the nature of the category and the actual crosslinguistic variation found in that category determines what is the "best" or most useful crosslinguistic definition for typological analysis" (Croft 1990: 1 7 - 1 8 ) . Second, the exclusion of adverbial connectives other than adverbial subordinators may be felt to cast doubt on the validity of what will be proposed concerning the internal structure of the semantic space of interclausal relations, the different degrees of conceptual complexity that can be assigned to them, and possible conceptual universale in this semantic domain.

Vice versa, what little there is to be found on adverbial subordinators and adverbial clauses, in general, in the generative literature often goes hardly beyond formulating insights and problems of traditional grammar in the (at the time most fashionable) generative jargon, and thus fail to serve as nourishing food for thought in the conception stage of the current project. This goes especially for the first of the two major issues about adverbial subordinators in generative theory, viz. 1. The second issue, the syntactic status of adverbial clauses depending on the functional layer on which they operate, is more pertinent to aspects of the present study.

Brettschneider 1980). Therefore, this study can make only a modest contribution to the theory of grammatical categories. 2). On the other hand, questions of categorization come in, if only marginally, when considering the syntactic polyfunctionality of adverbial subordinators, i. e. subordinators which also function as adpositions, adverbs, relativizers, interrogative markers, etc. 2). The results make it possible to say more about the most important categories that feed in to the development of adverbial subordinators across languages.

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