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New version of the textual content introducing the fundamentals of the sphere, together with glossy concept and purposes. Chapters hide such issues as houses of gases, bioaerosols, uniform particle movement, Brownian movement and diffusion, respiration deposition versions, and sampling and dimension of focus. acceptable for execs, graduate scholars, and complicated undergraduates. makes use of twin devices, with SI devices fundamental and cgs devices secondary.

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The arithmeticmidpoint is used here for simplicity. The median is defined as the diameter for which one-half the total number of particles are smaller and one-half are larger. 5. The modeis the most frequentsize, or the diameter associatedwith the highest point on the frequency function curve. setting the derivative of the frequencyfunction equal to zero and solving for d. For symmetricaldistributions such as the normal distribution, the mean,median,and mode will have the samevalue, which is the diameter of the axis of symmetry.

S! l1! :)q~ S! q S! A 1! 0. :)J~ JO 1! S! ld:)JS! 9 Cumulative distribution curve (logarithmic size scale). For the massdistribution, we replacethe geometricmean diameterwith the massmedian diameterMMD, analogousto what we did for the count distribution. The massdistribution hasthe sameshapeasthe count distribution but is displacedalongthe size axis by a constantamountequalto MMD/CMD. The ratio MMD/CMD can be calculated knowing only the GSD. 6. 10 Count and massdistributions (logarithmic size scale).

W) ! w 1I1! }0} ~q} ~q JV }~I PU1! ('p U! J snag 1! U! U1! AI~}~Idwo:) ~q} U! q} U! d Jo J~qwnu 1! g S! J~A1! 10} ~q} S! U! uno:) ~q! P J~qwnu ~q! A~Jd ~q! U! P ~q! P UU~W ssuw ~q! P ~q! p ssuw ~q! P UU~W ssuw ~q! '~nluA UU~W ~q! S! l! uno:) Aq s~duJg %06 S! UO:) I/i\oq V :SWJ~! ~Vd 98 87 MOMENT DISTRIBUTIONS The numeratorand denominatorof the rightmost side of Eq. From Eq. df = N (d- )2 - - I I S Substituting into Eq. 31) Thus, eachweightedmeandiametercan be written as the ratio of two momentaverages.

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