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By Håkan Olausson, Johan Wessberg, India Morrison, Francis McGlone

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CT afferents are receptors in mammalian furry epidermis that fireside motion potentials while the outside is touched evenly which makes them rather vital in affective touch.  commonly neuroscientific study has desirous about extra discriminative and haptic homes of contact that are mediated via large myelinated afferents and the coding homes and sensible association of unmyelinated CT afferents were studied a lot less.  The proposed quantity will draw jointly present wisdom during this nascent box. Separate sections will handle (1) how we will degree affective contact, (2) CT constitution and body structure, (3) CT processing, (4) the contribution of CTs to sexual habit, (5) scientific relevance, (6) advertisement relevance, and (7) destiny learn considerations.​

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The membrane potential of C-LTMR DRG neurons was typically between 60 and 80 mV, similar to Aδ cell bodies. However, in guinea pig, Djouhri et al. (1998) found that the membrane potential was approximately 40–50 mV in both C-nociceptor and C-LTMR cell bodies. In cat, the amplitude of action potentials (APs) evoked by suprathreshold peripheral electrical stimulation averaged 90 mV, higher than APs in Aδ DRGs (Bessou et al. 1971). However, in rat the AP amplitude was 61 mV in C-LTMR and 75 mV in C-nociceptors (Fang et al.

2009). On the other hand, there is a striking mismatch between the estimate of pleasantness and impulse rates of the myelinated tactile afferents as is obvious from data in Figs. 16. The difference between firing of CT and Aβ mechanoreceptive afferents in relation to subjects’ estimates of pleasantness provides a direct support for the role of CT afferents as a system of significance for boosting the hedonic aspect of skin contact. It is noticeable that the tuning of unmyelinated tactile afferents to relatively slow velocity of stimuli moving across the skin surface was described in the cat already in 1 Sensual Touch: A Slow Touch System Revealed with Microneurography 25 Fig.

Both visceral and muscle nerves have a higher proportion of nociceptive C-fibers than cutaneous nerves (Cervero and Laird 1999; Mense and Schmidt 1974). As such, ischemic block of the forearm with a blood pressure cuff rapidly produces an ischemic block of Aδ fibers followed later by C-fiber blockade. As any graduate student in an upper level pain neurophysiology course will attest, the pain from ischemic block of C-fibers is much more unpleasant than that from Aδ fibers. Along a similar line, sensitivity to ischemic blockade of C-fibers is increased in depressed subjects (Suarez-Roca et al.

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Affective Touch and the Neurophysiology of CT Afferents by Håkan Olausson, Johan Wessberg, India Morrison, Francis McGlone

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