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By Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

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12 See Reiser (1984) 146–147, 157. 14 Aesop is first transported from an unnamed place to be sold as a slave in Ephesus; he is then brought to Samos to be placed in the service of the philosopher Xanthos for a certain period of time; we later see him in the court of Croesus, and again back on Samos where he expresses the desire “to travel around the world” (ch. 101); in Babylon he serves in the court of Lykoros; as an envoy of Lykoros he travels to Egypt and meets King Nectanebo; and finally, after “travelling around the rest of the cities”, he reaches his final destination, Delphi, where he fatefully meets his death.

By C. Jackson-Holzberg. London/New York. 30 grammatiki a. karla ——— (1996) “The Genre: Novels Proper and the Fringe”, in Schmeling (1996): 11–28. Hopkins, K. (1993) “Novel Evidence for Roman Slavery”, Past & Present 138: 3–27. Hostetter, H. (1955) A Linguistic Study of the Vulgar Greek Life of Aesop. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hunter, R. (2008) “Ancient Readers”, in T. ) Cambridge Companion to the Greek and Roman Novel. Cambridge: 261–271. Jouanno, C. (2002) Naissance et métamorphoses du Roman d’Alexandre.

12–15 and 20–21 in Vita Aesopi. For recent bibliography and further details about πρ σις Α σ που, with a pertinent discussion on its relationship to the selling of Diogenes, see Konstantakos (2003) 110–111, especially note 50. 18 grammatiki a. 17 The realization that the fictional biographies and the erotic romances belong to different genres takes shape only after a careful consideration of their most obvious differences. 18 As already remarked, the love theme is not altogether absent from the Alexander and Aesop narratives.

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Against Aristotle on the Eternity of the World (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle) by Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

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