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By Thomas M. Bell (Auth.)

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The same suspension as was used to infect the initial cultures. It has also been shown by other methods that the challenge virus can enter the cells and will multiply after prolonged incubation. The interference phenomenon is very common and can be demonstrated in all virus/host-cell systems. Probably interference always occurs but some viruses are more susceptible than others. Interferon The substance interferon was first detected in cultures of fragments of allantoic membranes which had been inoculated with heat or U-V inactivated influenza virus.

Horsfall, F. L. (1940) / . Exper. Med. 72, 233. Allison, A. C , Pereira, H. , Farthing, C. P. (1960) Virology, 10, 316. Heller, L. , Solenstedt, C. R. (1960) Virology, 11, 640. Reisner, A. , Sobey, W. , Conolly, D. (1963) Virology, 20, 539. Pereira, H. G. (1960) Nature, 186, 571. Klemperer, H. , Pereira, H. G. (1959) Virology, 9, 536. Rhim, J. , Jordan, L. , Mayor, H. D. (1962) Virology, 17, 342. , Ishida, N. (1963) Virology, 20,405. CHAPTER SEVEN VIRAL INTERFERENCE AND ANTI-VIRAL SUBSTANCES THE discovery of interferon1 suggested a new approach to the problem of curing virus diseases.

1938) Amer. J. Path. 14,71. 2 CHAPTER FIVE TISSUE CULTURES THE history of tissue cultures is almost as old as Virology itself. Although it is nearly 40 years since Parker and Nye 1 demonstrated viral multiplication in such cultures, it is only in the last fifteen years that they have been widely used. In the early days of tissue culture, before antibiotics were discovered, stringent aseptic procedures were necessary to prevent contamination with bacteria and fungi. This resulted in an atmosphere of awe surrounding anything connected with tissue culture and to this day many people handle tissue cultures as they would a new born baby.

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